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Playing Catch Up {Week in My Life}

Ok so at least I did 2 days on time right? As much as I love to blog, I have had a terrible time trying to keep up with the Week in My Life project! I mean for REAL. Mad props to everyone who is posting daily. I am going to do a recap and at least get a few pics in from our week that stood out. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday morning started off in the typical fashion. Jerry got up with Oscar, I got up with Calvin and we did our normal breakfast/playroom routine. I was trying to decide what to do for the day when a friend texted me to see if we wanted to meet at Marbles. I knew Oscar would love to play so we packed up and headed out! This picture is of his happy dance 🙂

My rear-view while at a stop light

We had a great time playing and catching up and by the time we got home, Oscar was pretty tired so he ate really quickly and went down for a nap. Calvin went down too and I got a good bit of time to myself to rest and clean up the house a bit. In the afternoon we played and read books. That night Jerry had band practice so he left as soon as the boys were in bed and I worked on blog stuff.

Thursday was all over the place. In the morning a friend of mine who is pregnant stopped by to pick up a bunch of baby stuff and maternity clothes that I no longer need. We chatted for about an hour while Oscar had a snack and played. I nursed Calvin on and off and after she left I checked in with my email and social stuff.

Oscar is back on his Buzz and Woody kick as evidenced by this picture. We’ve been watching a lot of Toy Story 2 this week and it’s really cute to watch Oscar fly around like Buzz or sing along to the songs. TV is an interactive experience these days.

Lunch was Trader Joes nuggets and ketchup with a plum on the side. We played around with using the self timer which Oscar loved because of all the fast beeping. After a few attempts it became a game and he would just “run in place” to the beeps of the camera.

Naps for everyone! Calvin had a horribly poopy diaper so I got him all cleaned up and put down for his nap. Then I went in and did Oscar’s routine which is pretty much closing all the window shades so it is DARK and singing Twinkle Twinkle. Then we pray and I tickle him as I say Amen amen amen amen amen…ad nauseum. Then we have one more kiss and a hug and it’s off to dreamland. On my way downstairs I peeked in to find Calvin conked out. Cutie.

Alas, I developed a headache and tried to take a nap myself. This never ends well. I did manage to fall asleep but woke up with a start when I heard a noise. Rocked me RIGHT out of sleep and my headache was worse than ever. I only slept for like 15 minutes. So sad. Not long after that, Oscar woke up and I decided that we would all go visit daddy at work! Bonus for Oscar was that his Aunt Monica was also there!

We checked out the fountain for a while before deciding to have dinner downtown. It was a beautiful evening so we sat outside at The Raleigh Times and had dinner. Then it was time for our weekly Bible study. I didn’t get any pictures there, but it was a fun night after all. Thursday ended up being a win!

Friday I was determined to go to the gym. I hadn’t gone at all yet so I made my plan and stuck to it. Also, I needed to meet Jessica to get the gift card I won for Sono, our favorite sushi place in Raleigh! My sister Amy agreed to watch the kids so Jerry and I could go on a date Friday night and I was stoked.

As we were walking to the van after the gym, I realized what AMAZING weather we were having so I asked Oscar if we should go to the park before we went home. He squealed with delight and said, “Yes yes YES! We CAN go to the Park!!” So we did 🙂

We had a great time and naps were good again. I really feel like we are getting into a groove. Jerry and I went out on our date and then went grocery shopping at Target together. Totally normal haha. But it was actually really fun to shop with Jerry. We never do it and he makes me laugh. See?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.