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Playtime #Fail {Becoming Mom}

Have you ever had one of those Mom moments when you realize you are the only one not conforming to some societal norm? And it’s not that you are taking a stand either. It’s just one of those things that you never really think about until it happens…

Say you take your kid to play at the mall because he (or she) is driving you crazy and you have to get out of the house to at least pretend to chat with some friends. And say when you see that he is having a hard time maneuvering the slippery mall play equipment in his socks you say, Hey buddy! Let’s take off your socks. That will make it easier! (quietly patting yourself on the back for your innovative problem solving) And then say maybe some other kids want to take their socks off too and their moms say no and then you realize your kid is the only one playing barefoot. (Hypothetically speaking)

You might think, oh is there a rule about wearing socks? You look around and realize there is no rule on paper, but that it’s generally regarded as gross to let your kid play barefoot in the mall. Your friends’ kids have socks on and you like your friends so you wonder if it’s just you that thinks it’s ok to let your child play barefoot in the mall.

And then you come home with this knowledge and your husband confirms with a disgusted look on his face and the realization that HIS child played barefoot in the mall. And it hits you that you are indeed the gross mom that let her kid play barefoot in the mall.

No? Just me then?

But here is my real question, if it’s gross to be barefoot, how is it any different to be on that same equipment with bare hands? You can’t play without touching it with your hands either, so should our kids also be wearing gloves? Face masks? What about during the summer? Do you bring socks? I kid….mostly.

And don’t worry, we washed Oscar’s feet extra good that night. I mean….we would have. If it had happened.

My solution? I’m gonna get some of those socks with the grippers on the bottom and concede defeat on this one.



Yeah, that just happened.

I just have to know, is there ANYONE out there who lets their kid play barefoot?



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Melissa {adventuroo}

Wednesday 9th of November 2011

I do barefoot a lot around the house but there's just something about the mall place, especially that one since it's so stinkin old. But trust me, I've let them go barefoot at mall places before and you're right it's not much different than hands... well except I don't wash their feet afterwards but I'll use the hand sanitizer. LOL.


Tuesday 8th of November 2011

I can do barefoot in the yard... running to get the mail. All over the house. But for some reason barefoot in large public spaces just freaks me out.

Hines-Sight Blog

Monday 7th of November 2011

Not on purpose, but when they go to chic-fil-a, my son has been known to take off his socks. I've gotten over. The first time, I died, but what?


Monday 7th of November 2011

Yes! I do this all the time and wondered if I was the only one. I mean how could they climb up the slide with slippery socks on;) Anyway I have had looks from other moms but like you wonder about hands and all the other things kids touch when playing!

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

Monday 7th of November 2011

I think we need to pick and choose our battles, and if yucky feet is the worst that it gets you are in pretty good shape as a mom!!

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