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Raleigh Easter was a Success!

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Hey everyone! Man it has been a CRAZY week! I don’t even know where to start. But the Easter weekend was busy and full of fun! I didn’t get to many of my home projects, but I am hoping this week will allow me some time for that. Saturday, I volunteered at Raleigh Easter in downtown and it was a lot of fun! We had 4000 eggs and they were GONE in less than 30 seconds. It was crazy. Next year they are saying they will have at least 10, 000. I mean that is crazy! Here are a few pictures of the fun:

Martha, Me and Jane!


Soooo many people!

Crazy fun!

I have more pictures on my flickr page so check em out! In other news, Sunday we were in the band for all 3 services so we were at the church for quite a while. In the afternoon we came home and made an awesome lunch of Falafel, Pita/hummus, fresh veggies and couscous! Then we had warm chocolate chips cookies for dessert! It was great! We also watched Blades of Glory again and laughed and laughed. It was a really nice day.

This week we are dog sitting for Jerry’s sister so we have and extra dog in the house (and bed)…I think we got the sleeping situation figured out last night finally, but who knew a king size bed could feel so small!!??

Finally, the biggest news of the week. Jerry’s van was stolen right out of our driveway! While we slept! Talk about creepy! They found it, but the engine is damaged and it isn’t drivable so we are waiting on insurance stuff to figure out what happens next. It’s weird because I have a strange calm about the whole situation. I just know it will work out and we just have to see it through. In the meantime, Jerry will be able to use his sister’s car since she is out of town, so we won’t even need a rental, which is nice. So we’ll see what happens next. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday!

Have a great week 🙂

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Gerald L. Updyke

Friday 4th of April 2008

and dis dress...and dis dress...and DIS dress!!


Thursday 27th of March 2008

Yeah it is pretty weird...the only thing is that I am a bit skiddish in the house alone. Like I don't even want to answer the door. ESPECIALLY at night....but then again, I have never really done that, even when I lived in a "safer" area....I guess it's that whole damsel in distress thing!


Thursday 27th of March 2008

I'm so bummed I couldn't be at the easter hunt! Thanks for posting the pics, I've been curious to see it all. Sorry to hear about the van. That must feel weird. But I totally know what you mean though with the weird calmth feeling you speak of. I keep having that same feeling about this place here, despite all the shootings going on around here. I feel like I should be freaked out, yet I feel so calm about it all!!


Wednesday 26th of March 2008

Awww...the pictures are great! It looks like you had a great Easter. And I'm sorry to hear about your van - eep! A couple of weeks ago someone smashed our car window (and scratched and dented the car door) - it's a terrible feeling.

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