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Saying goodbye to my bangs

by Andrea Updyke

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Cold weather is officially here and that means I need to change my hair. There’s not much logic behind this, but it needs to happen. I’ve been waffling on whether or not to keep my bangs and I finally decided to grow them out. At least for a while until I can’t take it anymore.

If you have ever endured the process of growing out bangs, my guess is you caved and cut them at least once or twice and had to start all over. Just me? Well, this time I am serious. But that means there are a lot of barrettes and bobby pins and hats and hair in a ponytail days during the wait.

Even with my not-quite-bangs I still feel best when I take the time to style my hair. I mean, there is a clear difference between sick and tired mama and almost rested looking lady, am I right?

During the grow-out period, I’ll be checking out stylist tips from TRESemme’ and learning how to make the best of my hairstyle with or without bangs! And I know that no matter how long or short my hair is, keeping it moisturized this winter will be the key to keeping it healthy.

If you know my hair history, you know that I never plan too far ahead because my hair type changes like the seasons. I just try to go with the flow and make the best of what I have been given.

Have you ever grown out your bangs? How do you style your hair during the wait?

This post is sponsored by Global Influence

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