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TGI…T ???

Yes. Thank God it’s Thursday! After a whirlwind first half of the week, I am very glad for a normal regular-sized Thursday. My paper cuts have healed quite nicely (thank you very much) and we have a nice clean kitchen.

It’s strange how the mundane things can really become enjoyable. I guess it’s all about attitude. I say that I try to have a good attitude, but mostly I think I just try to LOOK like I have a good attitude. I don’t think I am really doing it. SO that is something to work on. Food for thought.

I have really been enjoying the weather this week. This is probably one of my favorite times of the year (the other being the transition of Summer to Fall). I love how it feels to almost be spring. It just gives me this sense of anticipation that I seriously lack in the winter months. It also makes me want to plant and mulch my yard, but chances are I will just keep thinking about that one for a bit longer 🙂

In other news, I ordered the cutest curtains for our guest room yesterday. I can’t wait til they get here! This is one project that I can not wait to finish! I’ve been slowly but surely collecting the supplies to transform the room and now that it is clean, I just need to get going! Pictures of all that to come, but for now….my curtains 🙂



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