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The important work of The Exodus Road

I’m taking a tiny break from my blog break because in the past week I have been so moved by my friends and fellow bloggers that I really wanted to share their stories with you. I guess that is one upside of a blogging break. I actually get to read other blogs! I thought about sharing these posts on Facebook or tweeting them out. But reading them all together had a big impact on me so I wanted to present them as a package.


I’m talking about a recent blogger trip to SE Asia to learn from The Exodus Road, a 501c3 organization which exists to empower the deliverance of sex slaves.”

Roo, Heather, Kristen, and Jamie just returned and started sharing their raw, incredibly moving (and sometimes graphic) stories. I can’t imagine seeing what they saw, much less sitting with the memories long enough to relive and write about them. This is heavy information for this blog, but I hope to include more social justice here as I transition to my new site.

If you haven’t yet read their stories, please take some time this weekend to read, help if you can, and pray for the countless lives affected and destroyed by human trafficking.

Bright Lights and Brothels – Roo at Semiproper

During that op, I had huddled in the backseat of a dark SUV, engine off, sweating while we watched them talk to some girls that had been hard-trafficked over the border.

What I learned about sex trafficking from an evening with two prostitutes – Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan

The girls understood that we were writers and wanted to share their story, and they agreed on a price that was very generous for their time. We agreed to obscure their faces and use pseudonyms. I’ll call them Sai and Nam.

Oh no, dooce found Jesus – Heather at Dooce

I was sorry, so sorry, and so humbled that there I was sitting next to them, people who are actually changing the world for lost boys and girls, people who are restoring dignity to children who aren’t even old enough to understand the loss of their own innocence. How honored I was to witness that level of love and devotion.

A million ways to say it wrong – Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

we get that we are privileged white women, middle class bloggers, lucky, spoiled, comfortable ladies of fortune. We have easy lives and too many shoes and we practically sweat money. And we get that because of all that, some people want to be offended by our desire to help and critical of our efforts to change the world for the women and children who weren’t born into privilege. But how will justice happen if the people with privilege are too ashamed by their sweet lives to leverage their privilege on behalf of the powerless?

These are hard posts to read. And they are just the beginning. It would be easy to skip over them or say, I’ll read this later when I can. I know it would be easy because I’ve done it plenty of times. Not this time. I want to do something. There has to be something. Each post has a call to action and a promise for more info on ways to help.

I’ll be following their stories and I hope you will too.



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Kristen Howerton

Saturday 28th of June 2014

Thank you for amplifying the work they are doing!

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