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The Next Big Thing….

by Andrea Updyke

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So it’s time to finally move on from legal work. Thank THE LORD. And believe me…I do. I accepted a job offer from United Healthcare and start there in a couple weeks. I am excited!! I am turning in my 2 weeks notice tomorrow at my current job and looking forward to it. The backwards pay system strikes again. Even though I was gone for my Grammy’s funeral last week, they enforced an end of the month policy and docked my pay by 25%. I am still not sure if this is legal, but since I work for attorneys, who even knows. It was all I could do not to give notice right then and there. Even though I like the people I work with, I knew it couldn’t last forever. I am actually looking forward to ‘corporate’….It’s weird because I feel like this is my first “real” job…even though I have been working for 10 years!! But this is somewhere I can really see growing into a career. SO that is exciting!

IN other news, Jerry and I are going to DC the weekend of the 24th and I can’t wait!! I need to just get out of dodge every once in a while and this will be just perfect. There may even be an IKEA trip in there somewhere!!

Guess that’s it for now…happy Thursday 🙂

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Gerald L. Updyke February 12, 2007 - 12:06 am

we forgot to make any substantive plans for the trip today. we better get on it soon.

congrats on the job. “corporate” ain’t so bad. if nothing else, it will help you appreciate the movie Office Space on a deeper level.

Angie February 12, 2007 - 1:14 am

Congrats on the job! Hope everything is perfect for you. Enjoy D.C. You must see the Hope Diamond and other jewelry in the Museum of Natural History. It was more fascinating than I expected.

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