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The Price IS Right

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Do you have that one show? You know, the one that smells like fresh donuts and happiness? I do. And it’s called The Price is Right. As a child I spent endless hours watching Bob Barker with my grandparents and guessing the prices of toothpaste and Kleenex and imagining myself in A NEW CARRR! I loved it and whenever I catch a glimpse of the show I think, Oh it must be 11am. Cool.

It’s kindof part of me.

And now 30 years later, not much has changed. Drew Carrey has taken the torch and carries it well. But the vibe is still the same. Today I was at the gym sweating away on the elliptical and watching the end of The Doctors, a show with zero nostalgia but the other TV was showing Hamburger Hill. Not exactly gym fare if you ask me. And then started The Price is Right. And everyone was clapping and screaming and they started with the names.



You guys, I started to cry.

My eyes got all misty and I had to push it back in. All I could think of was how so many of us grew up with the show and how they probably have the same love for the big wheel that I do and how their dreams are ALL coming true and isn’t the world beautiful!?

I can’t understand why Jerry calls me dramatic.

It was so exciting. I was excited for them. So happy that Shalina won the big wheel showdown and while that one guy didn’t get the car, he walked away with an iPhone 4 and a huge flat panel TV. ON his birthday!

It’s what dreams are made of.

Maybe one day I will hear my name called and I’ll jump and scream and shake. For now, I am happy to cheer on my fellow game show lovers.

It makes me smile. My memories don’t have an actual retail price.

And I am ok with that.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.