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Up up and away: Mom 2.0 Scottsdale, here I come!

by Andrea Updyke

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mom 2 party

It’s been a while since I was around my blogging buddies. Too long in fact. As someone who has been to many events and blogging conferences over the years, I’ve been seriously burned out in the past year or so. The thought of being “on” and buzzing about seemed like too much to handle; a combination of being too busy and too tired to think about what inspires me.

mom 2 iris

Today, I am off to Scottsdale, AZ for the Mom 2.0 Summit and it took me quite a while to turn the corner from dread to excitement for this event. I attended last year’s summit in Atlanta and the moment they announced the dates and location for 2015, I snatched up an early bird ticket at the first opportunity.

But as the months wore on and my life got crazy, I just couldn’t get my head in the game. My blogging has taken a back seat, my family needed to be my priority and my job had a big chunk of my time and brainspace. The idea of traveling across the country to attend a blogging conference just really didn’t fit in with what was happening around me.

Several times, I considered selling my ticket. I would look at airfare and close the window before I clicked the purchase button. I chatted with friends and co-workers and hemmed and hawed for a good few weeks. Finally, I decided I wanted to make it work and I knew I just needed to take the plunge and not look back.

mom 2 room

Blogs ebb and flow. That’s just true. In fact, it was at Mom 2.014 that I was inspired to change the name of this blog. And while I still feel like I am finding my footing and it’s definitely taking longer than I would like, I’m happy that I am here and being true to myself and how my words fit into the ol’ World Wide Web.

So I have some goals for my days at Mom 2.015. I am diving in again this year with an all-in attitude and I am ready to learn, laugh and soak up every bit of inspiration I can get out of the week.

Mom 2.015 Goals

  • Be Real – Okay let’s be serious, I’mma still have some Spanx on and don’t think I won’t double up on the mascara. But, my hope is to connect with others with sincerity and openness. Authenticity is huge when your life (and livelihood) is online and I want to walk away with something tangible.
  • Be Seen – I am very fortunate to have many of my “tribe” with me at this conference. I want to be real with them and let the weekend be a place of growth both professionally and in my friendships. You know, poolside chats and whatnot. No hiding.
  • Be Smart – Conferences like this are heavy on brands and short on time. While I do hope to chat with all the brands, I have been cultivating a smaller list of those who would really be a great fit for this blog. I hope to make a little extra time for making lasting connections with the realization that I am not going to hit it off with everyone. It’s just not possible.

mom 2 friends

I am so glad I didn’t back out of my commitment when I was feeling down. I’m excited to learn, be inspired and have fun with some of my favorite people in a gorgeous location. And I’ve never been to Arizona, so there’s another fun box to check!

I can’t wait to share my experiences with you during the conference and beyond. If you want to follow along, find me on Instagram, Twitter and maybe even a time or two on Periscope @AndreaUpdyke. And with that, it’s conference time baby!

Will I see you at Mom 2.0? 

Photo Credit with logos: Mom 2.0 Summit

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AmyCarney April 29, 2015 - 12:03 pm

Love this! Thank goodness for those early bird tickets, huh? Or many of us wouldn’t be coming….. even with me up the street it has felt heavy! Look forward to seeing you again!

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