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We had a good day

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It was a lovely day with good naps, good times and good friends. Oscar and I scored free admission to the Marbles story time along with our friends Jessica and Jude (thanks Jenny!). We met them there this afternoon. However, we didn’t actually go to the story time because our little ones were much more interested in playing. So we went to the crawlers area and hung out there for a while. Oscar loves the funny mirrors and Jude was checking everything out including the trash can, which according to Jessica is one of his favorite “toys”. It doesn’t sound odd to me at all because Oscar would rather play with trash than any toy I could buy him. Especially if said trash once contained liquid.

I really need to teach this kid not to lick everything…..


Jude is just making sure it isn’t too full

After we got bored with the baby area we decided to walk around. Marbles is HUGE. I never knew how much there was to do and see until today. We had never gone upstairs so we went up to see what it had to offer. It was awesome! Not only were there more play areas, but they have all these stations where you can create artwork, build things, paint your face and even create a website! I can’t wait until Oscar can enjoy those things! There is much more fun to be had, that’s for sure. We also explored the water tables and looked at the saltwater fish tank in the Science area. Our Pediatrician’s office has a fish tank also and it’s always a big hit. Grandpa will be proud 🙂

We had such a fun time that I decided to get Oscar a little toy. I know, I am a sucker like that. He loves his new giraffe though! It was the perfect topper to our little outing.

We left the museum and walked a few blocks to pay a quick visit to daddy’s office and then made our way back to the car. It looked like it would rain so we were booking it. We ALMOST made it! I could see the car when the rain started falling down on us. in. sheets. Oscar stayed mostly dry thanks to the super-duper shade on his stroller, but I was soaked! I didn’t realize how much stuff we had until I was hurriedly trying to get it all packed up and put in the car during a torrential downpour! Oscar didn’t seem too bothered by the rain, but he did NOT like to see mommy in this frantic state and therefore decided to……….protest. Thankfully, we weren’t far from home (and mealtime) so all was not lost.

Every day is an adventure. we try to get out and about as often as possible because I think it’s good for both of us. I’ve found that Oscar sleeps better when I take him out for a while. Even if he’s just in his stroller. Something about seeing different things and being around people is tiring, even if you aren’t really doing anything. I enjoy getting out of the house and walking around downtown so it’s a win win. I feel like we are really becoming a great little team and that’s a really nice feeling. I have been so sleep deprived that now that I have had a few nights of sleep I don’t even recognize myself. I think we are entering a new phase and I think I will like it.

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Friday 21st of August 2009

I second getting the baby out of the house! That seems to work wonders for a moody baby....something about the fresh air and change of scenery!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.