Grinch Gnome Cookie Cups

The countdown to the holidays is on and these Grinch gnome cookie cups are the perfect treat for Christmas celebrations and movie watch parties.


- Refrigerated sugar cookie dough - White Icing in a tub - Green gel food coloring - Fresh Strawberries - Green candies - Red heart sprinkles

Preheat oven to 350°F and line a mini muffin pan with 12 paper mini cupcake liners. Place one cookie into each muffin cup. You don't need to flatten or roll them.


Bake cookies for 20 minutes and place pan on a wire rack to cool. While cookies are baking, remove 1/4 cup of white frosting and add it to a piping bag. Place in refrigerator.


To the rest of the white icing, add green gel food coloring and mix until combined. Keep adding color until the desired green is reached.


While the cookies are cooling but still warm, take a small scoop to gently press the cookies into a cup shape. Cool completely before removing from the pan and remove the paper liners.


Wash strawberries and cut out the crowns in a v shape. Take a fully cooled cookie cup and pipe frosting into the cup. You want to be a little generous here.


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