Nutella Puff Pastry Recipe

This delicious Nutella puff pastry is made with puff pastry sheets, strawberries, chocolate hazelnut spread, a banana filling, and topped with powdered sugar.


Pastries: – Puff pastry sheets – Strawberries – Nutella – Coconut oil – Powdered sugar Banana filling: – Banana, mashed – Pure vanilla extract

Thaw your puff pastry sheets and roll the puff pastry sheet with a rolling pin. Transfer to a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and bake.


Let puff pastry cool for 10 minutes. While it’s cooling, mash the banana and mix in the vanilla extract in a small bowl.


In another bowl, combine the Nutella and coconut oil. 


Add the mashed banana into the center of each pastry, followed by the Nutella.


Finally, add the fresh strawberry slices, and sprinkle the powdered sugar over it all.


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