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What is Your Ultimate Family Vacation?

It will be easy for me to write about my ultimate family vacation because I had a mini version of it this year! Sunshine, fun and swimming. LOTS of swimming! Basically, I would take that vacation and double or triple it. We would start out with the drive to Florida from North Carolina. Sure,  flying would be easier. But I am a tried and true nostalgic. I loved piling into the car as a kid and driving a whole day to get to our destination. The trip IS the vacation.

Ideally, we would start at Walt Disney World. I grew up in Florida so I never had the need to stay on the property. We would be in one of the Disney Resort hotels for a week eating out every day and night and pool hopping. Of course we would visit a few of the theme parks but we would have breaks built in for relaxing. We would definitely have a suite room because when the kids went to bed, we would need ample space and time to zone out in front of the History Channel and eat our Ghirardelli Sundaes from Downtown Disney. And speaking of purchases, my ideal vacation would have to include LOTS of room in the budget for souvenirs! And not just the cheesy kind. I mean do you know how many outlets are between NC and Florida?!

After our extravaganza in Orlando, we would definitely build in a few days to visit our old friends in my home town. We would laugh and watch our kids play. We would cook out and reminisce about the good old days, but at the same time remain thankful for the good new days. We would stay up late and sit in the hot tub doing impressions and enjoying our friendship. And after all that we would make the trek home, hopeful that one day we could be fortunate enough to do it all again.

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