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by Andrea Updyke

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Jerry and I had a great weekend in High Point! We played 4 rounds of disc golf in 2 days and a round Friday night to warm up. It’s the most fun I have had at a tournament thus far. I think the coolest part was the major improvement in my game over the course of the weekend. My last round was 18 strokes better than my first! So I am encouraged. It’s really great to have found a sport that I can enjoy and be outside year round with my man! Good times 🙂

This week is gonna be crazy busy. I moved apartments and the power is getting turned off tomrrow. So tonight I need to finish cleaning and such and be done with it. Tomorrow, Jerry and I are having our pictures taken by a friend who wants to build his portfolio. I am really looking forward to it. All the stuff I have seen of his is awesome! I am participating in the 2nd Handmade Market and the deadline is Friday to apply/ submit samples. SO that means I have to finish sewing my samples! Thursday I have band practice and Friday is the First Friday show at Designbox. THEN, Saturday we are leaving for the weekend in SC with my fam! MY GOSH, I am tired already.

The good news is that everything is productive and fun. I have felt such a decrease in stress lately. It’s wonderful! I would love to fit in a few trips to the gym in there…especially since I had McDonalds for lunch…gag.

Oh well…guess everything can’t be perfect!! 😉

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