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Winning Monday (or something)

Guys, it’s Monday again. And here we are in April, the fourth month of the year that kind of snuck in amidst Easter celebrations and a long weekend. Are you winning Monday? I’m not sure I am.

You know how I go back and forth between productivity and slothfulness? Today I am not sure yet where I lie. On the one hand, I’m feeling good about this week. I feel good about my place in this world. I feel loved and secure. Yet, I also feel slow and a little sad and I don’t know, maybe like I’m just playing the same game over and over again and I don’t think I will ever win? A little of that.

So this need to win is stuck in my mind right now. And I think when we get stuck on things, it’s a good idea to ask why. Why win? Why does it matter who is winning? If I truly am feeling all those good things I typed above, isn’t that just enough?

Mondays are Not for Soul Searching

Oh. Just. So we’re back to the, “but I’m just not where I want to be. I’m just this or just that” line of thinking?

Been there. Done that. Bought the website. And it seems we have been down this road before.

I recently turned on a plugin called Revive Old Posts. It’s a nifty little tool that does exactly what it implies. You set a schedule, choose a few categories and boom, your old posts go out into the twitterverse just like that.

It’s been a really fascinating little experiment for me because when I write something, I almost immediately forget it. I’m not kidding. I find old posts all the time and have little to no recollection of those thoughts. Sometimes, I even inspire myself and walk away thinking, Wow! I was really tuned in when I wrote that. Weird.

I say it all the time that my blog is my living memory. Without it, so much of me would be lost. It’s kind of eerie when I stop and think about it. What I am learning though is that I live my life in seasons. And sometimes I need to be reminded of the same lessons a few times before I get it. That’s not a bad thing by the way. It’s reality.

Guide to Really Winning Monday

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and after church, we decided to enforce family quiet time. The boys went to their rooms to read and play games on their Kindles while Jerry and I took a nap. I’m talking a real nap too, with actual sleeping and snoring. No books. No phones. Just rest. And it was amazing.

But even in that rest, we had a conversation about guilt. Like we shouldn’t be allowed this moment. I had to say out loud that thinking that way is destructive. Of course we can rest. We should rest. Beyond that, it’s totally biblical! But this invisible bar we set for ourselves in the shape of the word SHOULD is an anvil sitting on us sometimes.

Are your shoulds and your justs getting in the way lately? Are you stuck in your thoughts and your unreasonable expectations? First of all, it happens. This is not a guilt trip. It’s a me too. We get here sometimes so I’m writing about it. Next, let’s do something about that ok?

Whenever small changes need to be made, they need to happen one choice at a time. So today, Monday, I’m choosing to be enough. I’m choosing to accept the love I have been given and wear it like the royal robe it is. Today, I choose truth over feelings. [tweetherder]Today, I am taking one step and then another. Moving forward, dreaming dreams and letting life be what it is. No apologies. No shoulds. No justs.[/tweetherder]

This only happens one thought at a time so we have to be aware. When the negative junk creeps in, we have to stop in that moment and speak truth. Maybe even out loud. Or even better, in writing. If you think, man I’m boring. Stop right then and jot down truth, Today is a work day and I am thankful for provision. If you think, I can’t believe I still haven’t lost that weight. Write down the truth. I may not be perfect by society standards but I am loved and that is what matters. Whatever thoughts come at us, we must immediately speak truth back. We need to say it and we need to hear it. This is how we really win.

There are 9 months to go in this year. It’s not too late to start something, but it’s way too soon to give up. So here’s to winning Monday. May it be what it is and may we be who we are; full, loved, and moving forward.

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Are you winning Monday? I'm not sure I am. This need to win is stuck in my mind right now. And I think when we get stuck on things, it's a good idea to ask why. Why win? Why does it matter who is winning? Let's dig in.



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