How to Make a Santa Gnome Dessert Board

Start with a classic fruit dip and some strawberries and build the cutest Santa Gnome dessert board! So fun for the holidays.


- Cream cheese full fat - Marshmallow Fluff - Strawberries - Vanilla wafer cookie - Assorted snacks to surround the dip

Let cream cheese come to room temperature (about an hour). Mix cream cheese and marshmallow fluff until well combined to create fruit dip.


Use an offset spatula to create a beard shape with the fruit dip in the middle of your board. Wash strawberries and remove crowns. 


Chop into quarters and pat dry with a paper towel. Arrange strawberries above dip in a hat shape. Place one vanilla wafer cookie on the beard for a nose.


Surround the dip with more fruits, cookies, marshmallows, nuts or whatever you like. Enjoy!


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