10 Instagram accounts to follow today

10 instagram accounts to follow today, andrea updyke, just is a four letter word

If you follow me on Instagram, you might notice that I am a little bit obsessed with Instagram. It’s my favorite social network and I just love looking at photos from all around the world, sharing my own and even leaving comments (yes really)! I was thinking over the weekend about what makes me really… [read more]

Parenting a child through the death and loss of a friend

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Oscar has two weeks left in his Kindergarten year. Looking back over the past 10 months, it’s incredible to see how much he has grown, how his skills have developed and friendships formed. One such friendship was with a sweet boy named Denny. Oscar was invited to Denny’s birthday party early in the school year… [read more]

Share the love this Mother’s Day with Shari’s Berries!


Good friends are hard to come by. I think that goes without saying. But good friends also seem to come and go in waves. Sometimes with certain phases of life I am thrown together with people who I then don’t see for months at a time. The best friends are the ones who can pick… [read more]

When your 6-year old prays for Satan’s salvation, you say amen.

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I am learning more about the love of Jesus from my 6-year old than I have in the past (almost) 37 years of life on this earth. During his bedtime prayers lately, he has been praying that Satan will change his mind again and follow Jesus. You guys. My 6-year old is praying for Satan’s… [read more]

Up up and away: Mom 2.0 Scottsdale, here I come!


It’s been a while since I was around my blogging buddies. Too long in fact. As someone who has been to many events and blogging conferences over the years, I’ve been seriously burned out in the past year or so. The thought of being “on” and buzzing about seemed like too much to handle; a… [read more]

Raleigh: Meet Donald Duck and Daisy Duck at The Disney Store!


Calling all Disney fans in and around Raleigh, NC! You may have noticed our beloved Disney Store at Crabtree Valley Mall has been closed for the past few weeks. This was due to some much-needed¬†updates but they are ready to open their doors once again and the new and improved Disney Store promises to be… [read more]