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Thank you for reading Just is a four letter word. My name is Andrea and I am a wife, mama and a writer seeking to celebrate the little things that make life a little bit easier and a lot more fun. 

I believe that most of life’s problems can be solved with a good meal and a lot of love. As a wife and a mom of two boys, I have made a lot of meals and and shared even more love.

I genuinely enjoy being in the kitchen whether I’m making an easy dinner or playing with a fun cookie idea. But I don’t think cooking has to be complicated.

In fact, I love a good shortcut!

Andrea Updyke - Just is a Four Letter Word

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My mom used to say, if you can read, you can cook! and I have taken this to heart over the years. On this site, I share recipe ideas and family favorites that are meant to be enjoyed easily.

My goal is to equip and inspire you to get in the kitchen and have fun while you’re there. Recipes are a great jumping off point to creativity. Not to mention, delicious!

We also love to travel as a family and enjoy living right in the heart of Raleigh, NC.

Updyke Family 2020
2020 Family Vacation

Over the past nearly 20 years, this blog has taken on a few names. I finally settled on the name Just is a Four Letter Word in 2014, because I feel like I have lived so many lives, it’s impossible to “just” be one thing and that’s ok!

These days, I’m perfectly content playing with my food, traveling with my family and laughing as much as possible. Welcome!

If you would like to chat about working together or want to request my media kit, please contact me at andrea@justisafourletterword.com.


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Guest Lecturer

  • Professional Freelancing for Creative Careers – Auburn University – 2016


  • HLN | Mom Confessions April 2014
  • NBC | My Carolina Today January 2013
  • About.com | Tips for Preschoolers at Walt Disney World




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