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Now Streaming Disney Plus Podcast

by Andrea Updyke

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You’ve heard about the Disney+ streaming service hitting TVs in November and now I’m excited to announce the Now Streaming Disney Plus podcast! 

Get ready to geek out about your favorite Disney entertainment because I’m teaming up with Patty from NoGuiltFangirl.com in a new podcast!

The Now Streaming Disney Plus podcast is new show where we chat about all things Disney+ from movies to tv shows to documentaries. We’ve already kicked off a couple episodes on Patty’s NoGuiltFangirl podcast so you don’t even have to wait to listen! 

We’re off to the races. 

Now Streaming Disney Plus podcast

Now Streaming Disney Plus Podcast

The official kickoff will be in September when we will discuss all the D23 news and what we know about the service so far. For now, we’re happy to get excited about all the new content coming to the platform. 

Trust me, there is a LOT to get excited about.

In November, we’ll kick it up a notch when the service launches and we can’t wait to dig into these shows. 

I hope you’ll give us a listen! We’ll be in your favorite podcast app soon, but for now, feel free to subscribe to our RSS Feed for updates. If you like what you hear, share with your friends and don’t forget to leave those 5-star reviews!

Thanks for listening. See you real soon!

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