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Wow I can’t believe it’s November already. Lots of good things happening this month. And it’s been a while since I hit up the bullet points so here goes. What I love about November in North Carolina! Fall is officially here! No more of this back and forth crap. We need jackets. And coffee. And …

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The Untree Tree

This year, Jerry and I decided not to get a Christmas tree. We went around and around about whether to get a real one, fake one, when to go, how much to spend etc. But the bottom line was, we were gone the week of Thanksgiving, I was sick last week and we are going …

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A Week of Thanksgiving: My Son

Yesterday was Oscar’s very first Thanksgiving. We spent the day with family and played and took naps and took lots of pictures. He ate turkey and stuffing, scoffed at mashed potatoes and cranberries and gobbled up pumpkin pie. He played ball (and said ball) and watched Daddy play rough with the big kids. Everyone commented …

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A Week of Thanksgiving!

This week, I have decided to devote each day to a different aspect of Thankfulness. Every year, as we would sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner, my Dad would go around the table and ask each one of us what we were thankful for. Every year, I knew it was coming yet I would always freeze …

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