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Can we talk about these useless coffee cup lids?

I wrote this post about useless coffee cup lids in July 2006. Yes, nearly ten years ago and guess what? I still have the same complaint. Just this week my entire hand was soaked with coffee by the time I got from my van to my destination. I decided to update and re-run my original rant because seriously. Get it together people!

I have had it! This is the United States of America. Global leader in all things convenient, inventor of the fried twinkie, embracer of the 44 oz. coca-cola and the quad-stack bacon cheeseburger. Why oh why can’t anyone invent a coffee cup lid that will FIT on my coffee cup and keep the coffee inside the cup?

My quest for the perfect lid started back in 2002, when I was taking the bus to class from my basement apartment to NC State. Usually, I would stop at the gas station on my walk to the bus stop and grab a cup of coffee for the road. Not a problem at first. You see they had normal cups with straightforward lids like this:

coffee cup lid

Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski

I felt this little spot was a gold mine, disguised as a gas station. This is because in months prior, I discovered that with the rise in popularity of the cappuccino, came the “new and improved” lid.  Now there was a lid that could top your foamy drinks while keeping the whipped cream or foam intact while you drink. Like this:

useless coffee cup lid

Photo Credit: Ged Carroll

The problems with these coffee cup lids are 2-fold

NUMBER ONE! The new lids do not seal on the cup and often “pop” off just when you need it the most and usually spilling scalding hot coffee all over the hand and arm. *Yes, thank-you McDonalds for telling me my coffee is HOT HOT HOT. That’s why I GOT A LID.

Number TWO! If you don’t get a coffee drink that has foam or whipped cream to take up all the extra space in the lid, there is a very big gap which tends to create a little wave of coffee that comes out of the sip hole every time you take a step. Or worse, dripping out from under the lid because once the dry seal is a compromised, there is no going back. Your hand is definitely getting soaked. A definite disadvantage when walking from say, the bagel shop to class or oh I don’t know, from the car into work.

The obvious solution is to get a reusable mug and I have been on this quest for years with the same problem. Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of travel mugs. Not ONE of them has a good seal for long.

Since I originally wrote this post, I just gave up and take a regular mug with no lid wherever I go if I can. It is ridiculous to me that no lid actually results in less spilled coffee. But what do I know?

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Sunday 7th of February 2016

Start keeping one of those things from Starbucks in your bag. Those stick things that have no name. Coffee saver. Promise.

Andrea Updyke

Sunday 7th of February 2016

I wish that would work but then you have to take it out every time you want to take a sip! And it still leaks from the bottom of the lid :(


Saturday 8th of July 2006

I have been on the search before...and the best cup and lid combo comes from non other than...

Biscuitville. That's right folks, and I loved mine so much, I actually washed it out and had one sitting in my cupboard. So I took it out, put some water in it and gave it the test. I walked around my spillage. I held it in my hand and shook it semi-hard...a little liquid came out of the top but settled into a groove on the lid. this lid also has a nifty lid cover that fits firmly into the mouth hole, and i gave that one the ultimate test by holding it upside down and squeezing the cup...and it stayed on and nothing more than a drip or 2 came out...which i really think was left over from when it had splashed out. so i give the biscuitville cup and lid a 10. you can look at pics here...

I think I like it even better than my copo mug...which comes in with a close 7. I lucked out on that one from Marshall's and thought I'd give it a shot and it has a really great holds up to the upside down test fairly well...but it's the mouth hole that is typical and leaves me luke warm.

I think it might be time to design a new coffee cup and make millions...what you say...


Friday 7th of July 2006

Well lucky for you then!!

I actually liked the movie...Meryl is awesome and I loved seeing all the pretty lcothes. Other than that the story was ok ;-)


Friday 7th of July 2006

LOL! Sorry about your coffee lid woes! I cannot relate, however, I don't drink coffee! Thank God for small blessings??? (how was the movie?)


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