Easy 10 Minute Chores {free printable}

Are you trying to get a handle on cleaning this summer? I know I am. Always trying. Bumping up this cheat sheet so I can try again! Originally posted February 2013. 

I am no expert on cleaning. Let’s just get that out of the way. However, I have learned a few things over the years. Gone are the days of spending a Saturday morning cleaning the whole house and not looking at it for another week. Working from home and raising two boys in the same home means we don’t leave in the morning and come home to an unchanged house 10 hours later. We LIVE here. And living is messssssy.

I am learning to clean as I go and do little tasks. I have had to reprogram my brain that tells me I can’t do anything unless I have an hour or two to dedicate to the task. The problem is when I have a few minutes here or there to take care of some clutter or a mess, I get bogged down in deciding just WHAT to tackle.

Not sure if you’re doing what you should around the house? The book Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living – Cook it, Clean it, Fix it, Wash it has great practical advice that will help you get control of your house.

I decided to make a printable list of ten different 10-minute chores to take out some of the guesswork! I made a free printable for you in case you are like me and need a little nudge here and there. Feel free to print it out and start cleaning!

Easy 10 Minute Chores for YOU!

10 Minute Chores 10 Minute Chores (free printable)

Does this mean my house will be spotless? HAHAHAH. No. It just means I won’t have to wait for hours on end to play catch up. Tips n tricks, friends. Tips n tricks.


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