Make your own family binder with free printables!

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Get organized with this family binder kit. Free printable meal planning tools and more to create a simple family binder and stay organized at home.

There is nothing better than a fresh start. Over the years, I’ve added and subtracted from this family binder to help me get organized and with some trial and error, I narrowed down the things I will really use.

If you want to create your own family binder, check out my tools and feel free to print anything that will help you get organized. We can do this!

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diy family binder

How to Create a Family Binder

Making a family binder is more thinking than doing but you will need a few supplies. I grabbed a binder, some stick on tabs, and plastic sheet protector sleeves.

I also plan to use a dry erase marker to check the boxes on the chore pages, which I laminated because of course I did. But if you want to write directly on the paper I won’t judge.

Family Binder Supplies

If you have the laminating bug like me, here is the simple laminator and laminating sheets I use. They are inexpensive and totally easy to use.

What to Include in Your Family Binder

Every family will be different, but the basic sheets I have found to be the most useful are my chore charts, master meal list, weekly meal plan and family chore charts.

I have listed all of these below for you so feel free to click and print!

In the past I tried to keep up with anniversaries, birthdays and calendar sheets but I’ve made the transition to my online calendar for that sort of thing. Your mileage may vary!

10-Minute Chore Chart Printable

I created this list of 10-minute chores as a reminder that there are little things I can get done to stay organized without having to devote hours to cleaning.

This is definitely one to laminate and re-use! Print the 10 minute chore chart here.

Chores Landing

Customizable Chore Chart Template

This summer chore chart is something I sent out to my email list this summer. If you click the link, you will be taken to Canva where you must make a copy and THEN begin your edits.

Please be sure to create a copy before you start so everyone will have access to the template. This is another one I laminated so we can reuse it with dry erase markers.


Custom chore chart template

Printable Emergency Contact List

Another family binder essential is an emergency contact list. It’s helpful for quick reference and of course babysitters or family members who may not have access to the contact list in your phone.

Add this to your binder or print and hang on the refrigerator.

Click the image to open and print.


Free Printable Master Meal List

The Master Meal List is probably my favorite item because I try to meal plan on Sundays and it’s so easy to get in a rut.

I love having a master list of family-approved meals all in one place. This makes creating a weekly meal plan so much easier! See some of our favorite family dinner recipes here.

And when we try a new winning recipe, I just add it to the list so it can go into the rotation.

Click the image to open and print.


Weekly Meal Plan Printable

I have a great little chalk board in the kitchen that makes it easy for the boys to see what is for dinner (anyone else get asked that 40 times a day?) but here is something you can take with you while shopping.

I don’t plan every single meal for my family, but seeing things on paper like this really does help me decide what we need to buy and where the gaps are (usually in the snacks category).

This is also helpful if you’re trying a no sugar diet or following an eating plan like The Faster Way to Fat Loss and need meal ideas to stay on plan.

Click the image to open and print. 
Weekly Meal Plan Printable Template
So far, these sheets have been the most useful for me. Of course the options are endless so I’d love to know what else you would add to your family binder. Let me know in the comments and maybe I will add it here. 

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  1. hello! I love your meal list! Super cute. You mentioned asking if we were interested in other meal time lists. Is it possible to get those from you? 🙂

  2. Ohhh your master meal printout is so pretty! Thank you for sharing it with us. I saved Organizing Homelife’s 31 days to organization on my computer, just need to get some ink and then I’ll print it out. A great printout for a binder would be vegetable seasons and a quick breakdown of care.

    1. Thank you! I am looking for this printout I found years ago with the vegetable seasons. It’s awesome! If I find it I will link it up too. Good call!