Quick and Easy Faster Way to Fat Loss Meal Ideas

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Looking for Faster Way to Fat Loss meal ideas? Check out some of my favorites for every meal and snacks for low carb, regular macro, low macro days and yes, alcohol.

I’m all about quick and easy when it comes to food. Yes, I work from home but that doesn’t mean I want to or can spend all day cooking. That said, having access to a kitchen during the day is pretty great! But it can also be tempting.

Following the Faster Way to Fat Loss, I try to keep the right foods in the house so I have something to grab when I need it. I also tend to break my fast around 11am so I still start with a traditional breakfast type meal.

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Here are some of my favorite Faster Way to Fat Loss meal ideas! I am not following a gluten/dairy free menu at the moment so keep that in mind with some of these.

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Faster Way to Fat Loss Meal Ideas for Low Carb Days


These days I typically start with eggs and bacon. To make it quick, I cook my eggs in olive oil using an electric skillet and warm up pre-cooked bacon in the microwave. Of the pre-cooked varieties I’ve tried, Hormel original is my favorite.

Eggs and bacon in a bowl

I eat the eggs with sliced avocado and some pico de gallo or sour cream for flavor. It’s so good!


For lunch, I tend to stick with chicken or some other meat. I love buying Gyro meat from Trader Joes and adding it to a greek salad. Or sometimes I just eat it by the slice with some tzatziki sauce.

trader joes gyro slices box

If you’re on the go and have a Chick-Fil-A nearby, the Cobb Salad (with grilled chicken instead of regular) and Avocado Lime ranch dressing is delicious! Just be sure to leave of the little pack of toppings because they add carbs.


You can almost count on the fact that we will be eating Sausage Kale Soup for dinner on a low carb day. It’s delicious, super easy and my whole family loves it! Can’t beat that.

Sausage Kale low carb keto friendly soup

These chicken lettuce wraps are always a hit with the family. Just be sure to watch the sugar when you buy the ingredients. As you probably know, not all condiments are created equal!

For those who don’t want to be low carb, I just make some rice on the side and they can go to town.


Low carb snacks are tricky for me. I really like crunchy snacks so this is probably my least favorite part of the day.

coconut snacks

I tend to grab pistachios (not too many!) or if I’m craving something sweet, these coconut snacks are pretty great. Lunchmeat and cheese or hard-boiled eggs are also go-to snacks if I don’t feel the need to crunch. 

Meal Ideas for Regular Macro Days and Low Macro Days

Ahh regular macro days are the reason I love the Faster Way to Fat Loss so much. I mean, who has time to think about everything all the time? Not me. Ands I love that you can pretty much eat the same stuff in smaller amounts on low macro days. Yay for simplicity!

Because I have more freedom on regular macro days, I don’t feel that intense urge to eat all the things! It’s pretty brilliant when I am in the zone and when I am not, I can definitely tell the difference.



I like to break my fast with oatmeal and a spoonful of maple syrup, especially in the colder months. I love cereal and I’ll be honest when I say one serving of cereal is never enough (never, ever! shoutout to The Greatest Showman) so oatmeal satisfies the bowl and spoon thing while filling me up.

Maple Syrup Oatmeal

Want more oatmeal ideas? There are some awesome recipes in this post, 15 Healthy Oatmeal Recipes to Break Your Fast.

If you need some breakfast to go, these muffins are delicious.

Garden Lites muffin plate


Mid-day, my regular macro day meals look like a turkey sandwich (if you’re gluten-free I love Glutino bread) or maybe some leftover pasta from the night before.

Sometimes a baked potato hits the spot or maybe I will grab some naan or pita, the same Trader Joes gyro meat and make a wrap.  Savory muffins are great to eat alone or as a side with some rotisserie chicken and steamed veggies.

Veggie Cakes as Savory breakfast muffins


Dinner can be just about anything you want, but here are a few of my favorite easy options. A family favorite is chicken and yellow rice and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Make some saffron rice (my favorite is Vigo) and sauté chicken on the side. Everyone in my family likes it differently.

I like mine with avocado and green olives, Oscar adds black olives, Jerry adds avocado, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes and Calvin eats just the chicken and rice. So versatile!

If you want even more goodies, check out my Fiesta Chicken recipe. It’s delicious!

Make this easy chicken dish in the crock pot and serve with yellow rice for a delicious meal! Chicken Fiesta rice is a family favorite!

Sheet pan sausage and veggies is another favorite and so easy. Chop up a beef smoked sausage and add it to a pan with chopped vegetables (I like broccoli, onions, and red peppers) and red potatoes.

Toss with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and roast in a 400 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Done! I tend to let mine go a little longer to really get the potatoes crispy so you may want to watch them.

Last but not least is an easy crock-pot dinner. Throw some chicken in the crock pot with a chopped onion (and optional sweet potato) and two jars of Tikka Masala sauce and let cook for 6+ hours. Serve over rice with naan on the side.


Snacks on regular macro days are yummy but I’ve found that I have to watch the fats on these days because that’s where I can overdo it. I still need to get my carbs though, so I’ll tell you my secret weapon; rice cakes.

You can eat rice cakes alone for the crunch or use as a base for so many things! Sometimes I dip them in unsweetened applesauce or top with peanut butter and chocolate shavings for something sweet. Other times I will add a pouch of seasoned tuna and a slice of cheese and microwave it for a little patty melt.

rice cake with tuna

rice cake with buffalo seasoned tuna and ranch dressing

For something on the go, nuts and fruit are always good, but you have to be careful with portions. It’s easy to overdo it.

Can You Drink Alcohol on The Faster Way to Fat Loss Meal Plan?

If you’re wondering if you can have alcohol in your Faster Way to Fat Loss meal plan, the short answer is yes, as long as it fits into your macros.

That said, I find that limiting my alcohol to weekends helps me keep my overall eating in check. For instance, if my eating window ends at 7pm, that includes alcohol.

Typically though, I like to enjoy my drink after the kids go to bed so it’s better for me to save it for a special night.

When I do drink, I’ve found red wine, or gin/vodka mixed with sparkling water and some lime to have the lowest impact on macros overall.

drinks at stanbury

At the end of the day, this plan is about eating foods you already like in a way that works with your body rather than against it. I struggle with this even now after all these months. My mind resists any kind of pre-planning when it comes to food and I am a work in progress.

Hopefully these ideas will add some inspiration to your meal plan. I would love for you to share your favorites in the comments so we can all succeed together!


Gluten-free dairy-free banana raspberry muffins
These muffins are gluten and dairy free and perfect for fwtfl. Break your fast with these fiber and flavorful muffins.
Check out this recipe
No-Bake Granola Balls
These no-bake granola balls are soft, fudgy, and so good! They come together with minimum effort and taste divine. They are the perfect portable snack for when you crave something sweet but looking for a healthy alternative to store-bought treats.
Check out this recipe
Crispy Vegan Air Fryer Rice Paper Dumplings
Air fried rice paper dumplings are rich in protein and low in carbs. They are filled with vegetables and tofu and cooked to perfection with little oil. Perfect as a snack or main dish.
Check out this recipe
Warm Kale Salad with Pomegranate, Beet Chips & Tahini Mustard Dressing
The kale in this salad, is filled with fiber that feeds the gut bacteria and in turn, help burn fat. Beets are a powerhouse of probiotics, while pomegranates are the ultimate prebiotic food.
Check out this recipe
5 Minute Olive Salad
Olives are packed with good fats and essential nutrients. This olive salad is a quick and easy snack to make.
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Creamy Avocado Zoodles with Chipotle Lime Shrimp
Packed with healthy fats and tons of fiber, this avocado zoodles will make you feel satiated.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Green Beans
Green beans are packed with so much natural fiber and nutrients. It’s Good food to feed your gut bacteria.
Check out this recipe
Classic Thai Celery and Fennel Salad
Celery and fennel both contain soluble fiber, which aids in slowing down your body’s digestion process. This means you will stay fuller longer.
Check out this recipe
Slow-cooker taco/burrito meat
This beef is delicious and can be super lean. Use it on a salad on low carb days or with a wrap on regular macro days.
Check out this recipe
Protein Snack Pack – Easy Lunch Meal Prep
Protein Snack Packs filled with hard-boiled eggs, almonds, hummus, and crunchy veggies. An easy and delicious lunchtime meal-prep solution perfect for any protein lover, these fantastic little protein snack packs are perfect for school lunches, post-workout snacks, or picnics in the park.
Check out this recipe

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  1. I am going to start my first FWTFL on Monday, and I am anxious about dropping dairy and gluten….my coach told me I needed to drop these…is it ok not to?

    1. Good luck Tina! I would say to follow what your coach recommends at first to see if and how certain things may affect you. You may be surprised! For instance, I found that I could handle most dairy, but cow’s milk irritated my stomach at times. Hang in there!

  2. I love some of these ideas! Have you tried the Joseph’s low carb pita bread and lavash bread? I don’t know if it fits in Faster Way, but is a great personal choice on Trim Healthy Mama. It can be toasted for chips….(ahem)…