Flatout Bread Rocks my Tastebuds

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You might remember that the fantastic people over at Flatout Bread sponsored me to attend the Type-A-Mom conference last year. It was such a valuable learning experience and I am so thankful that I had the chance to represent them! Not only are they a great company to work with, but, I love their products. Win Win. I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to eat them and let you know about a fun giveaway. Hooray, a food post! I can’t think of anything tastier for a Monday. Yum.

Flatout Makes Fold-Its!

Flatout Foldits

I love their foldits because while I love bread, I also like it to be proportional to the other things in my sandwich. And with me being pregnant, it’s best to heat any deli meat so my lunch of choice these days is smoked turkey and pepperoni with pepperjack cheese on a Rosemary and Olive Oil fold-it. Toasted of course! Need I say more?

Flatout Makes Wraps!

Flatout Wraps

Oh wraps, how I love thee. One of my favorite uses is for breakfast. I tend to forget that wraps can be used in the morning, but thanks to Stacey’s delicious recipe, I am hooked! My 6’6″ husband is always saying how he needs protein in the morning, so today we had scrambled eggs and cheese with spinach and tomatoes on an Italian Wrap. Breakfast never tasted so good!

Flatout Makes Crisps!

Flatout EdgeOn Crisps

Yummy yummy EdgeOn Crisps, you had me at hello. They come in flavors like Sea Salt (my fave), Four Cheese, Multigrain, and  Garlic Herb . We love them because they are baked and delicious! Oscar LOVES chips, so I feel good about letting him eat these as a snack. Also, they are great with dips or hummus! If you are planning a party (Superbowl anyone?) These will be a healthy hit among all the other typical game-day food. Your waistline and your tastebuds will thank you!

Are you hungry yet? The thing is, before I had a child I would pretty much eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it. My diet consisted of fast food, cheap food, and basically junk food. Now that I have a pair of impressionable eyeballs staring me down, I realized that I was not setting a good example for my son. We started looking for fun ways to incorporate healthier choices into our diet without sacrificing flavor and Flatout was the perfect fit. I will be sharing more of our food journey in coming weeks and some of the other changes we have made. But for now, I hope you will check out Flatout Bread!

I am a sponsored Blogger for Flatout Bread. Thoughts are my own and not in anyway influenced by the company. 

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