What to Pack for Camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

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Whether you are a seasoned tent camper, love traveling in an RV or plan to enjoy a family cabin, there are a few ways to make camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness the best it can be.

Once you decide on the type of campsite you will choose, it’s time for the fun part! Yes, I’m talking about packing for Fort Wilderness and yes, I consider that to be fun!

pack for fort wilderness

Planning trips to Walt Disney World is kind of my superpower, but adding in a camping component definitely took my skills to the next level.

Packing cute outfits for the parks and filling a travel trailer for a week are two very different tasks, but I’m up to the challenge.

Having an RV in some ways it’s easier because no more luggage Tetris and you can prep easy foil packet dinners to eat at your campsite.

But in others, it adds a layer of complication because we will be spending more time enjoying the campsite and less time in the parks.

We also have the outdoors right outside OUR door rather than having to walk through a lobby to get there, which adds more living space and activities. And STUFF.

What to Pack for Camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

Before you go camping at Fort Wilderness, there are a few things you need to know beyond where to stay. Aside from things like chairs and coolers, there are a few things you may want to add to your packing list.

First of all, many people don’t realize the sites do not have fire pits, so let’s start there.

You will have a charcoal grill at your campsite. If you are used to campground life, you probably know that many (if not most) places offer sites that include a fire pit for campfires, cooking, or roasting marshmallows.

This is not the case at Fort Wilderness due to heavily wooded area and the risk of fires spreading.

That said, you are allowed to bring an “approved” fire pit to use at your site. Approved fire pits must have mesh around all sides and a solid top to prevent exposed flames, like the fire pits on this list.

Wood-burning or propane fire pits are both allowed as long as they meet these requirements.

So if you want to have a fire pit at your Fort Wilderness campsite, you will need to bring your own or borrow one from a friend or fellow camper.

Beyond that, I have created a list of a few items to go extra with your campsite. I mean it’s Disney right!?

What to Pack for Camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness

You can definitely have a wonderful time without any of these things. But they sure do add a touch of magic to your campsite!

What Not to Bring to Disney’s Fort Wilderness

For this trip, you can leave your weapons at home along with your kayaks and oversized pool floats as these items are not allowed.

Life jackets or swim floats and certain pool toys are allowed, as long as children are supervised and playing safely.

You may also rent kayaks or canoes at the campground, subject to availability.

If for any reason you need to stock up on basic supplies and don’t want to leave the campground, there are a few items like milk, juice, snacks, and sunscreen at The Settlement and Meadow Trading post.

Settlement Trading Post

Just know these prices will be significantly higher than they would be off-property. Still, it’s nice to have the option in a pinch!

Now that your campsite is ready for fun, be sure to check out what I bring to the parks in my Disney backpack!

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