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Part of the fun in planning a Disney cruise is deciding what to wear. These Disney cruise shirts using my free printable are easy to make and add your own personal touch to any Disney outfit!

I don’t always DIY. But when I do, it’s usually Disney related. Such is the case with my latest project; a fun and easy Disney cruise shirts DIY for the whole family!

DIY Disney Cruise Shirts for the Whole Family

If you are planning a Disney cruise, be sure to grab my free template and get crafty as you countdown to your vacation.

I used a bleach pen for my shirt, but fabric paint will work, too. This is your project; I’m just here to get you started.

DIY Disney Cruise Shirts Instructions

Your time will mostly be spent gathering supplies and preparing your pattern. Once the bleach or paint is on the shirt, it’s pretty much a waiting game,

Follow the instructions below and enjoy your custom shirt! I’d love to see your results when you finish, so please feel free to share them!

Disney Cruise Family Shirt

DIY Disney Family Cruise Shirts Step-By-Step

If you are a visual learner, I also have all the photos for you! Sometimes this part helps so feel free to print the written instructions above or follow along here. Or both!

Print my free Disney cruise shirt pattern on cardstock paper and cut out the design.

Disney Cruise Shirt template

If you like gadgets like me and you happen to have a laminator, I recommend laminating the template. This will allow you to reuse it and keep it together once the bleach pen starts to soak in.

See more laminating fun in my Ultimate Disney cruise Fish Extender Q&A.

If you’re using fabric paint, this step isn’t as important so I’ll leave it up to you. Personally, I like laminating things. It’s a sickness.

Once it’s laminated, you’ll need to go back over the design with a utility knife to cut it out again. You don’t want to laminate before cutting out the anchor initially because then it won’t be sealed anymore.

Cruise shirt pattern laminated

Place an old gift bag or cardboard inside your cotton shirt and place the template where you want it to be. Feel free to tape it down if you want to. I didn’t and wished I had as it shifted slightly and the edges weren’t as crisp as I hoped.

Color in with your paint or bleach pen and let sit. Start checking the color after 10 minutes and add time as desired.

DIY Disney Cruise Shirts for the Whole Family (1)
Bleach Pen Disney Cruise Shirt

When you are happy with the results, rinse the entire shirt with water and let air dry.

For what it’s worth, I used cold water to rinse. I’ve seen both hot and cold recommended but cold worked just fine for me.

Rinse bleach pen disney cruise shirt

Once it’s dry, voila! Your very own custom Disney family shirt. This was such a fun and easy way to get creative and I can’t wait to wear my shirt on our upcoming cruise!

This would make a great project for kids and DIY is a great way to get everyone excited about a fun trip. For this shirt, I went with the classic Mickey anchor but I’d love your suggestions for more templates.

Waering Disney Cruise Shirt bleach pen

What designs would you like to see?
Planning a Disney vacation is more than a necessity for me, it’s a hobby! For more ideas on what to wear to Disney, what shoes are best for the parks, and what to pack in your day bag, be sure to check out my other posts below.

I also have more Disney accessories saved in my Amazon shop if you want to skip the DIY route.

If you love pin trading in the Disney Parks, did you know you can also trade on the ships? True story!

Happy planning and please let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Im def doing this for our DCL! My daughter would love to help, I am NOT crafty but this looks pretty easy!

    1. It really was! You can vary it so many ways too with paint, adding a border etc. Have fun on your cruise!