First Visit to Rainforest Cafe

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How do you explain a child’s first visit to Disney World? I grew up in Florida so I don’t remember MY first visit. I just know it was and still is magical. I have been to many theme parks. And there is absolutely no comparison to Disney World. Even the parking lot seems better! Part nostalgia, part vacation glee, our visit to Disney was one I will never forget.

We arrived in Lake Buena Vista, FL on Monday night and checked into our hotel. We got a great deal on a suite so we were already off to a great start! We decided to walk around Downtown Disney and do some shopping before dinner. We got our annual Christmas ornament (a family tradition) and ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Oscar loved the huge fish tanks! We were kinda sad that we got seated right away. He would have enjoyed standing in line!

Of course it didn’t matter when the gorillas and elephants came to life! Those happen to be two of Oscar’s favorite animals in the world. And they sat us RIGHT by the gorilla. Score! The food was great and even though Oscar was pretty beat from the long trip down, he had a great time. After dinner we walked around a bit more and saw the lego statues. Of course we HAD to get a Ghirardelli Sundae on the way out. Delish!

Oscar went straight to bed when we got back to the hotel and Jerry and I spent the evening catching up on Cable TV shows. And folks, this is exactly why we don’t have cable. Because on vacation we watch shows like Intervention and Obsessed. We finally cut it off after a few hours so we could get rested up for our big day at the Magic Kingdom!

….to be continued

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