Movie Review: The Peanuts Movie

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Have you seen The Peanuts Movie yet?

I’ve been enjoying the previews all year and couldn’t wait to see some of my favorite classic characters on the big screen. On opening day, my family went to The Peanuts Movie and we really enjoyed it!


The Peanuts Movie – Updyke Family Review

Moviegoers: Mom (37), Dad (44), Oscar (6), and Calvin (4)

Family faves: Some of our favorite movies to watch as a family include Star Wars, Toy Story, and Madagascar.

Fave movies for grown-ups: We love comedy favorites like The Princess Bride, Happy Gilmore and Anchorman.

Now that you know a little bit about who we are, let’s talk about The Peanuts Movie. This movie is for fans and newcomers alike. It’s a very sweet movie about Charlie Brown with some fun adventures throughout the story featuring everyone’s favorite best friend, Snoopy!

Out of the whole family, our 6-year old had the most to say. He had many favorite parts and laughed really hard a few times. If you know anything about Charlie Brown, it’s that he is the ultimate lovable underdog. We loved watching his story unfold.

2 thumbsup

What parents may like about this movie: Jerry and I were worried that the movie would be depressing. We know that Charlie Brown typically has bad luck and we wondered how that would play out in movie form. He definitely had his share of downs, but there were a few ups too and a really sweet takeaway message for kids.

707_150_175_4K_UniversalColor_WB_: Snoopy takes to the skies over Paris, to battle his arch nemesis. Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox & Peanuts Worldwide LLC

What kids will like: The best parts according to our boys had to do with Snoopy. Both old and new Snoopy fans will be pleased to see he has LOTS of screen time! The Snoopy storyline was a great plot point in the movie and really had the kids laughing.

Concerns: NONE. Another parent plus is that there really isn’t anything inappropriate about The Peanuts Movie. Great for all ages!

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a family-friendly movie, The Peanuts Movie is very sweet, especially if you have a wide range of ages in attendance.

Positive themes: Watching Charlie Brown and his near-misses throughout the movie was sad at times, but his never-give-up attitude and the resulting friendships he makes were refreshing to see.

Violence/scare factor: Nothing scary in this movie. There were a couple of airplane chases in the Snoopy storyline, but it was very light and non-threatening.

Sex/Romance: A bit of puppy love, which was sweet and age appropriate.

Bad language: None

Overall, we had a really great time at The Peanuts Movie. We left the theater with bellies full of popcorn and smiles on our faces. That’s what I call fun!

The Peanuts Movie is now playing in theaters nationwide. Enjoy the show!

fnd_family_badge_Blogger_300x300This post is sponsored by Fandango. All opinions are my own. 

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