Thanksgiving crafts for kids

By now, you know that I love all things Fall, but this year more than ever because Fall with an almost 3 year old opens up worlds of crafting possibilities. And Jerry only has to work 2 more days before we are officially on Thanksgiving time so I am ready to jump in and celebrate every second of this holiday!

I gathered some of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts for kids and I can’t wait to do them all! Each of these can be adjusted for age which makes them super versatile! Love.

5 Thanksgiving Crafts to make with your kids

TP Turkey

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Can you tell that this adorable turkey is made from toilet paper rolls? How cute is that!?

Thanksgiving Placemat

Thanksgiving crafts

I love these printables from alphamom. Not only do they give the kids something to do while waiting for the food (which always takes longer than planned), they double as decorations!

The Thankful Tree

I especially love this idea for younger kids because every moment is a teaching moment. Of course it’s fun to eat turkey at Thanksgiving and hang out with our family. But the day is mostly about remembering how fortunate we are and taking the time to give thanks. We’ll go outside and collect the sticks for our tree and cut out the tags. Then I will ask Oscar what he is thankful for and write it on the tags. We’ll also have blank tags for everyone to fill out on the big day!

Paper Bunting

Oscar and I made this paper bunting back in September. We wrote the word Fall so it would last all season, but you could certainly say Happy Thanksgiving or Give Thanks!

Handprint Mayflower

We are really into handprint crafts so I am definitely going to try this one! Bonus points for another teaching moment!

Click the links above for all the how-tos and for more {delicious} ideas, check out my round up of Thanksgiving treats for kids!

Will you be doing any crafts for Thanksgiving?

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  • Kristy

    These are great finds! I really like the Thankful Tree. It’s a great visual reminder of all our blessings. Will have to start this one soon.

    • Andrea

      I agree! It definitely takes the “what are you thankful for” game up a notch!

  • Sarah

    I *love* that thankful tree! My family is likely not the age range you had in mind but while we are all gathered together next week we will definitely be doing that, or some variation thereof. I think it would be a lovely habit to get into, keeping and preserving the leaves year after year. Thanks for sharing and inspiring, Andrea! I can hardly wait to go find some worthy sticks tomorrow!

    • Andrea

      Yay! I am so glad I could inspire you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  • Kate, aka guavalicious

    My daughter did the Mayflower handprint this year at school. I had never seen the idea before, so cute!

    • Andrea

      I hadn’t seen it either! I love it!

  • Rajean

    I love the Mayflower handprint and Thankful tree, we’ll try those this year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  • Kelly {the Centsible Life}

    We do a thankful tree with a giant paper or poster and the tree drawn on it. The kids can add drawings or words and then stick them on the tree. It’s so adorable, and makes me teary eyed every time!