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These are the Most Comfortable Summer Shoes for Women

There are plenty of summer sandals out there, but I believe I have found the most comfortable summer shoes for women. 

If you have been around for the past year or more, you know exactly how much comfortable shoes mean to me. I developed a painful plantar fasciitis injury and it has taken me nearly a year to recover from it. I truly believe I have Oofos to thank.

For a while, my Oofos were the only shoe I could wear at all due to my pain. Now that my foot has mostly recovered, I can branch out to other styles, but I always come back to my Oofos because they really are the best shoes for standing all day or walking anywhere.

This post is a collaboration with Oofos. All opinions are my own. This post includes affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission on purchases.  

Rose Gold Oofos

The most comfortable Summer Shoes for Women

Yes, it’s a bold claim. I say it because I have been living in these shoes for the past year and I’m completely obsessed. I love shoes and I still enjoy having options for events and special occasions but slipping on my Oofos is like changing into pajamas out of a suit. You can’t argue with that feeling of relief.

And by the way, Oofos aren’t just for women. They have plenty of men’s styles and my husband even has a pair. I won’t claim the same for men, since I am not one so maybe just try them on and see for yourself.

Rose oofos close

Oofos Sandals side view

By the Way Oofos are the Best Fall Shoes for Women too

If you want to plan for fall or need some closed-toed options, I also completely endorse the OOmg style. I had the black pair last year and this year I was so excited to see they added more colors!

I am loving the gray/white combo for summer and they will take me right into fall. They also have bright colors like pink and blue among others. No complaints here!

Oofos OOmg Shoe Featured

These truly are the best shoes for everyday living, but you can bet I love to wear them at theme parks. They are my go-to shoes when I am trying to decide what to wear to Disney World or anywhere our travels take us.

Do you love Oofos?



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